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Is Your Boat a Rockin'?

Canadohta Lake, Crawford Country, PA

Life can be very challenging.

I have been being challenged in many areas of my life; health, financial and work issues, that are rocking my world! These are causing me to hold on tight! But, God is in control. He is quieting me and keeping me safe.

Are you feeling like your life around you is "rocking"?

Hold on! Don't let go! We have a good, good Father!

Our God is with you!

He is mighty to save!

He will take great delight in you!

He will quiet you with his love!

He will rejoice over you singing!

Take those in. Read them again. Don't believe them. Read them again.

Your Father will keep you safe. He will quiet you. Keep looking to Him.

We have a Father that is always with us! We have to trust in Him. He will provide a way!

Yes, hold can be rocky at time. But, Our Father will get us through.

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