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Keep Moving Forward

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

Several years ago, my sister, Kim and I went on a bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. I am not too excited about heights and wow! This bridge is very high! 220 feet high. It was a little windy that day, too, which added to my anxiety.

I made it about a half of a mile before I decided I was turning back. It was too difficult.I wanted to make a U-turn! But, my sister, who was in front of me told me to just keep looking at her back. I did and we moved forward. A few times, I looked to the right and/or the left and the fear creeped in. But, again, I looked back at her and moved forward.

When we made it to the other end of the bridge, the 1.7 mile journey, to the "safety" of land. I had joy and a greater sense of peace. The beauty that awaited me over the bridge, in a small town called Sausalito, was worth the journey through the fear and uncertainty. Also, it was great to be able to say, "I did it with help!". I even have a hoodie to prove it!

Life is like this journey. I have joy and I have difficulties. Keeping my eyes FIXED on Jesus makes the journey doable. He gives me the strength to move forward. Because sometimes I want to make a U-turn and you know what, I am not going that way. With His help, He will bring me through this life's journey and He has plans for all of it to use it for my good. There is always growth that goes along with all of this. I am always better because of it.

Know that with God's help and by looking to Him, He will guide you over whatever bridge you may be on. So, focus on Him and keep moving forward!

This photo of the Golden Gate Bridge was taken before I went over the bridge in 2008.

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