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Need a Lift?

Life is not always perfect! Each and every day has its challenges with ups and downs!

But, there is a way to stay above the issues of your day. And no, it is not to take an actual hot air-ballon ride! ;) It is being grateful for all that God has given you. Yes, I get that there are times that horrible things will happen in our lives. But, by focusing on the blessings that we do have can help to take the focus off of what we don't have.

When my children were much young and we were going through a valley, aka difficult time, together we started gratitude journals. Every night we would write three things for which we were thankful. And, wow, I will tell you what a difference it made in our attitudes. It worked. I especially noticed a difference in my kids. It helped us to focus on what we do have and not on what we were missing.

Need a lift? Be thankful. Give it a try. God is blessing you each and every moment of your day. Just look up and look for them!

P.S. This photo was taken at the Great Chesapeake Balloon Festival in Easton Maryland, 2016.

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