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YOU ARE...God's Work of Art!

You are God's work of art! No matter what we may think we look like or what flaws we may have, we, each and everyone of us, was created by God. We are His masterpiece. The word, masterpiece, comes from Latin, magnum opus, meaning great work. Think of what you consider a great work. Maybe the most beautiful painting? Maybe a great literary work? Well, God's word states it is you!

I love the commercial for a medication that treats a skin condition. It keeps stating, "Do you see me? Do you see me?"and not my skin condition. What a great reminder to look past what is on the outside and see what God created. Just as when in the beginning of creation, God said, "It is good.". So, He created each one of us and what He created is good! Each and everyone of us is different. Wouldn't life be boring, if we had it any other way?

My daughter showed me a gentleman online that was born with no legs, one long arm, one short arm and two fingers. She showed me how he was such an inspiration to her and others. Seeing his amazing enthusiasm and spirit on the screen reminded me that we all have a choice in how we see ourselves. See yourself as God sees you - a precious gift!

In the Life Application study bible it states, "If God considers us his work of art, we dare not treat ourselves or others with disrespect or as inferior work.". Amen, to that! Don't you agree? What are your thoughts?

I remember hearing as a child, God doesn't make junk! God created you to be uniquely you! Flaws and all! I know I have them! How about you? I know for today, I am celebrating what God created in me and you! Will you celebrate "you", too? Because "you" have a lot to celebrate!!

P.S. As I was taking the picture of the sweet boy in Haiti, at first, he wouldn't smile. It took a few tries with me smiling at him. I am glad he did because I can see the joy in his heart through his eyes and smile. What do you see?

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