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Pain = Purpose

In Romans 4:17, it has that God made Abraham the father of many nations, because he believed in the God who will brings the dead back to life and who creates new things out of nothing.

Feeling like you are in a valley?

Like you are in a spot that is frozen and dead, much like the photo I took in my yard today?

God will use this pain for His purpose in your life.

For me, one of the valleys that I passed through was my divorce. It was a painful process. I could have grabbed onto the anger and pain that could have continued in my life today. But, praise the the Lord, He used this pain for me to see others in pain and allow them to see what God has done for me.

He will use your nothing and create something out of it. Enjoy His peace through the process. Your Heavenly Father will provide all your needs. Trust and believe in the work He is doing in you. He will use it.

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