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He Will

As a pharmacist, I had the amazing privilege of going on a medical mission trip to Carrefour, Haiti. The group of professionals that I went with have a love for Jesus and a passion to share that love with others through the gifts that God has bestowed upon them.

From the very inception to the very end of the trip, Our Heavenly Father's Hands were guiding us every step of the way. We just had to allow God to direct our path. On this particular leg of our trip, we drove, biked, pushed, walked, and hiked our way to and from a very remote town called Tyfe, Haiti. God's loving eyes where on us from our amazing leaders to our drivers!

The journey started with an invitation from the Prime Minster of Carrefour, who has an amazing love for his people. He wanted us to go to Tyfe because a lot of the local people have never been to a doctor.

God's love and wisdom was with me our journey, as we experience little inconveniences; from a flat tire to getting stuck in the mud.

As a mother, I am the type of person who errs on the side a caution. Can you relate? But, God really stretched me during this trip and especially the journey to and from Tyfe. God showed me that being obedient and not doing what I wanted allowed a work of His to be completed. To trust and let God lead. He showed me that He is sovereign over all.

Is there an area of your life that you are trying to control? Look to your Heavenly Father. He is there to guide you and give you wisdom. Allow Him to be in control. Need a road map to get there? Look in His word, He will guide you! He did it for me...He will do it for you, for you are His child and He loves you with an everlasting love.

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