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Depend on God

I had the pleasure of serving on an amazing medical team to bless the people of Haiti and as we journeyed through the country, we had to put our trust in God.

I'll be honest, I had to stay in God's word because without Him, I could not have done it. On this particular day, we went from Carrefour to a remote village, for a medical clinic, and then back to Carrefour. It took us two hours to get to there. But, it took three hours to get back home.

On our journey there, we saw amazingly beautiful things, just like the paradise you see in the photo. But, the journey up, and I mean up, the mountain was difficult at times because of the steepness of some of the roadways. At first, we had a vehicle that was too large to make it up the mountain. So, the Haitian interpreters and even the local Prime Minister had to jump on dirt bikes to get us to our destination. Others had to ride in the bed of the pick up truck. They got to see the open vista of the countryside. What brave souls they were! Not something I would have been completely comfortable with because of an uncomfortableness with heights. But, God's hand was in it. He got us to the village to bring His message of hope and caring.

We had the privilege to serve the Haitians medical needs in an area the doesn't see any doctors.

Before we finished at the clinic, a few of the dirt bikes had taken some of the government officials, back to Carrefour. So more of the team had to sit in the bed of the truck, which made it very tight. There were a few times, because of the weight, that we had to get out of the truck, so it would make it up a few of the hills. This is one of the times I saw God's hand in the journey because while we walked, I got to see the beautiful country of Haiti.

As we continued on our journey, we came to a muddy roadway and in traveling through it, we hit part of the embankment and blew a tire. While we waited for the tire to be changed, I got to observe the Haiti people hard at work. There was a man tending to his cows. Another man was tending to his fields and another man was cutting fruit from his tree. God's hand was in it, again.

Because of the hard work of the team, the tire was changed and we started on our journey again. But, we came to another muddy road. Our amazing driver, tried to get us around it! But, I think with all the weight, it was just no match for his driving skills. So, we got stuck and guess what? We had to get out of the truck. Go figure! But, this is where God comes in. We got to experience pure joy! A few of us, ventured toward the other vehicle to check out the countryside. We turned on some praise and worship music and we were raising our hands in praise to Our God and admiring what He created. This is where the pure joy come in, at least for me!

As we were loving on Our Heavenly Father, we got to meet this beautiful girl. Just look at her face, just pure joy in smiling for the camera. Plus, the joy in her face when she saw her picture on the screen. Wow! It was pretty amazing!

A woman and her sons were walking home and we got to take their picture, too! The surprise in their faces as they saw themselves on the camera screen. They jumped back when they saw it!

It was joyful to see the Haitians come out to see us . God showed me the simplest things can make us happy. The Haitian people don't have a lot but they still have joy!!

Again, the amazing team, got us out of that messy situation and we continued home. Our journey was half over and it was getting close to getting dark. I know, atleast, I wondered about how much time we would have to get off of the mountain before it turned dark. Remember, there are no streetlights, But, God showed me again that He is in control. We got off the mountain in time and down the many hills with very good brakes and drivers.

The Lord is trustworthy in all he promises and faithful in all he does. Psalm 145:13

God's sovereign hand was with us on our journey! Yes, we experienced some bumps in the road. It could have been perceived as an inconvenience. But, God showed up in a big way! He showed me that we can experience just by praising Him through the rough times! He showed me that we have a Faithful Father that will guide us along our path. He showed me that we have to trust in Him and not our own understanding!

Praise the Lord! We have an amazing Father! Praise Him for His word that He gives us as a guide in our lives.

With 2017 right around the corner, do you look to Your Heavenly Father and depend on Him?

Just look up! He is there for you and wants to guide you!

Do you know this amazing Father God? You can, just by accepting Him into your Heart!

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