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Keep Moving Forward and Looking Up!

While in Ricketts Glen State Park, there are many sets of steps like these. I am afraid of heights and walking down these steps produced some anxiety and I thought about turning back! But, with the help of my brother, Jeff Lyle, I was able to move forward! Oh, I am so glad that I did because I would have been filled with regret in not being able to see such beauty! Even though our journeys may be difficult at times…Keep moving forward and looking up…you never know what awaits you on the other side of the difficulty!!

My amazing mother, Ruth, said two insightful things, that I want to share with you, while she was battling amyloidsis, which is when a protein is not excreted out of your body and deposits in different organ systems. My mom's formed in her heart and made it harder to function.

But, my Mom said:

"Keep your eyes up!"

"Keep Jesus ahead of you!"

I hope her words inspire you to keep looking forward and looking up!!!


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