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Are you listening to what God is saying?

As spring slowly approaches, I am getting some spring cleaning and organizing completed. While I was going through some old papers of mine, I came across this amazing poem and I wanted to share!

I stroll down a quiet country lane And God speaks to me. I gaze upward on a clear summer night, And I hear His voice. While winding down a rough mountain trail, I hear Him calling me. God speaks as the wind whispers Through a field of ripening grain; As a bird calls and echoes his mating song. That's God speaking as the water in a mountain stream Tumbles overs its rocky bed. Yes, God speaks in all of creation; And listening, I hear Him!

H. G. Bosch

Whatever the season, God is speaking to you in all of his creations! Do you hear Him?

This photo was taken, the summer of 2015, at Ricketts Glen State Park, PA.

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